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    MTI was founded in Shenzhen in 2005, is to carry 

out testing and certification services in the 
Pearl River Delta region and the world within one of the
 large wellknown institutions. Company with strong
 financial backing and advanced detection equipment
 and experienced team of engineers in a few short years.
 the MTI brand shaping the international class certification brand
 has a very high acceptance.



    • Changzhou Huahui Electonic Equipment Co.,ltd
    • We are satisfied with the service of MTI even though it is the first
      time for our cooperation,their engineers and customer service work professionally and fast,service excellently,it make us trust well,we believe that MTI will be better in the future.
    • Zhuhai Hange Energy Tech Co.,ltd
    • Compared with many certificate company which we have cooperated with,the price of MTI is more reasonable,service of MTI is more effective and considerate,it is our most perfect partner,we also learn and know about many certificate knowledge by contacting with Miss Hu of MTI.
    • Vintec
    •   Our valuing for MTI is good quality,excellent service,continuous innovation and progerss.
          Good quality is base of MTI live,excellent service is promise which MTI make for customers and keep all the time, continuous innovation is crystallization of wisdom of MTI and direction of developing
    • Silla Group
    • We searched MTI by baidu in 2006 and knowed that MTI was founded  only for a short time, so we were not much confident in it at first. We cooperated with it initially in consideration of their comperhensive qualification.
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