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EMF radiation requirement of EU electirc equipment

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 Electromagnetic fields,EMF is one part of human living environment.the magnetic field created by sun is the most commonest in the nature .magnetic field created by man-made system and equipment include wireless electric field of mobile,magnetic of power line and low frequency field of grid current.electromagnetic and electric filed exist around the equipment when TV,hair drier and similar household appliance is turned on and pick up current from grid power source. EMF created by current from equipment and power line can disturb TV and other equipment.
EMF Radiation cause harmful effect to human body, which mainly include dizzy ,vomit,weak,sleeplessness,palpitation,forgetfulness, neurasthenia .it also increase the rate of suffering from leukemic of children and induce cancer and speed up multiplication of cancer cell in the body and effect reproduction system and vision system which do much harm to human health.EMF radiation is considered as one of main pollutant by unite station human environment conference which must be controlled its public hazard.generally speaking ,the influence of magnetic filed to human health is more remarkable than electric field.
In order to protect central nervous system organization of human head and trunk which are exposed in EMF and reduce harmful effect to body,EU make relevant measure for setting EMF limit and test method.the rule for electric product EMF is R&TTE directive1999/5/EC) and low pressure directive(LVD,2006/95/EC)which include the health requirement of body,that is EMF requirement.the limit value of EMF is set in the 1999/519/EC ~300 GHz.the EMF radiation standard of test way is different for different products which is reflected on the following standard list about R&TTE and LVD directive.advised by EU council which set max limit value of EMF in 0 Hz
at present, EMF test standard is as follows:
Standard number
Product category
implementation date
Termination date of  replacement
EN 50366:2003+A1:2006
House appliance
House appliance
Lighting equipment
Electrical and Electronic Equipment (0Hz-300GHz)
EN 50371:2002
 Low power Electrical and Electronic Equipment (10MHz-300GHz)
 Low power Electrical and Electronic Equipment (10MHz-300GHz)
note:orange shows old standard which will be replaced by new standard
For household appliance,EMF test standard EN 50366:2003 of Original household appliance and its supplement A1:2006 will be replaced by new standard EN 62233:2008 after December 1,2012, EN 62233:2008 is revised according to IEC 62233:2005.that is mean EN 50366:2003+A1:2006 will no longer include deduce conformity of LVD directive and EMF health requirement.
For lighting equipment,EMF test way standard EN 62493:2010 which is issued in February,2010 will put into effect on february 1,2012.the standard is revised according to IEC 62493:2009.
After September 1,2013,for low-power electric equipment( the scope of EMF 10MHz-300GHz) , new standard EN 62479:2010 will be instead of original EMF standard EN 50371:2002 which use IEC 62479:2010."low-power equipment "means its antenna power and average total radiation power is small than low-power exclusion level which is special condition of output power depending on frequency and distance between man and radiation source and other variable,so that exposed level created by radiation source isn't higher than the special basic limit .if output power of equipment is less than Pmax, it will be considered as satisfing basic limit.according to the standard, the AV product,ITE and MME without radio transmitter belong to unintentional radiators which inherently compliant EMF expose level.
Its EMF test standard EN 62311:2008 is revised according to IEC 62311:2007 except for low-power electric equipment,household compliance and lighting equipment
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