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We are recruiting customer service, salesman and so on, if you are not satisfied with your life and would like to improve yourself in the future(we provide the training and good salary system, promotion opportunity, please contact Miss Wang (phone:07565-88850135-8006,email:amy@microtest.cc, qq:2389524324), welcome your consultation.
Career:sales engineer
Salary: negotiable
Job duty:
1,introduce test items and know about customer requirement;
2,carry and finish sales task;
3,collect customer information and know about industry trends;
4,develop and contact customer, visit customer and make a deal;
5,finish other task.
1,Above junior college, give priority to the person with background for science and technology, good skilled in office software;
2,good at expression,communication and have good team-work spirit ,work actively and positively.
3,have a good ability of developing market and business negotiation .
4,give priority to the person who have sales experience for more than one year or relevant work experience.
 5,it is better to have a good english ability of reading and writing.
Career :customer service
Salary: negotiable
Job duty:
1,have sales or customer service experience for more than one year.
2,spread product to customer according to contact ways provided by company;
3,answer hot line, introduce product;
4,maintenance customer relation, and develop new customer;
5,good at office software.
Salary and welfare:
1,provide competitive salary ;
2,good welfare: social security and health insurance and so on;
3,comfortable work and rest regime: 7 hours and 20 minutes*big and small week work regime,legal festival and holiday,annual leave with pay and so on;
4,thorough train regime: business train and technology train for every new employee from first day;
5,display talent:hope more talents join in MTI team, we will provide more wider development space and better work challenge for you.
Please send your resume to amy@microtest.cc if you have intention, welcome to your joining.
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