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Benefited customers

Shenzhen East Electron Co.,ltd.
Certificate engineer Feng Wang
     We met MTI in the battery trade show in 2011,MTI is considered as the most professional company between only several certificate companies, so we selected MTI at last. It proves that our selection is wise, MTI not only finish the UN38.3 test for battery professionally and quickly,but also provide much advice on battery design for us.
     We are very satisfied with this cooperation and will keep cooperating with MTI in the future.
Zhuhai Hange Energy Tech Co.,ltd
Assistant of general manager Xianxiang Dai
      Compared with many certificate company which we have cooperated with, the price of MTI is more reasonable, service of MTI is more effective and considerate, it is our most perfect partner,we also learn and know about many certificate knowledge by contacting Miss Hu of MTI.
Changzhou Huahui Electonic Equipment Co.,ltd
Vice-genera Manager Zemin Yun
    We are satisfied with service of MTI even though it is the first time for cooperation,their engineer and customer service work professionally and fast,service excellently, it make us trust well ,we believe that MTI will be better in the future.
Vice-general manager Kung Sun
     Our valuing for MTI is good quality,excellent service,continuous innovation and progress.
     Good quality is base of MTI live,excellent service is promise which MTI make for customers and keep all the time, continuous innovation is crystallization of wisdom of MTI and direction of developing market.continuous progress and sharing success is ideality of MTI,MTI will be the leading enterprise in the test and certificate field by great service concept and wisdom,passion. It will make MTI brand enter the heart of every person.
Silla Group
President   An Cong
     We searched MTI by baidu in 2006 and knowed that MTI was found only for a short time, so we were not much confident in it at first. We cooperated with it initially in consideration of their comprehensive qualification.
     MTI not only finish all the certificates during the contract term,but also service very well; MTI gave much advice on our company to make our products more power.thanks for MTI supporting us all the time, hope MTI will provide more efficient, professional and comprehensive service for more customers in future.
Vision Group
Project manager Jijun Tu
      I worried about it a little at first when i made a initial cooperation with MTI which i find by Google, i had much pressure because afraiding that MTI can't satisfy us, now not only MTI finish all certifications ,but also our customer approves them very much!during the process of cooperating ,MTI make us impress deeply with fast reaction ability,high work efficiency and good work attitude, it is a company which is worth trusting.
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