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MTI Vision :MTI must be a leading brand in the Testing and Certification sphere in future. 

MTI Mission:let your products spread the whole world. 

MTI Values: 
We exceed customers’ expectation continuously. 
We respect and trust every employee. 
We constantly study,innovate,enjoy the competition,hold great passion and pursue the best work performance. 

MTI quality policy: trust、science、fair and accuracy. 

MTI strategic culture: keep developing in the stabilization, keep stable in the course of development,run fast at basic speeds,based in shenzhen ,take root in china and face to the world! 

MTI team culture : No perfect person,but perfect team. Become the favorite not the liability of the team. 

MTI market culture : No off-season market, only off-season ideas. 

MTI service culture : The attitude of service: Service customers means taking care of customers. 

MTI Thanksgiving idea :In this world, the things taken for granted will be less and less, and there will be more and more for you to be gratefull.
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