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USA DOE propose new energy efficiency test program of LED

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       At present USA DOE is advising to set up new test program of energy source for LED, in order to carry on some label item made by FTC according to energy policy and conservation act. Federal trade commission announce the amendment of 
Test method of lumen input ,output and relative spectral distribution was made in the test program advised by USA DOE. Besides, test method for lumen maintain rate of LED light source was confirmed for judging rated life time of LED bulb .rated life time means light source components of LED reach 70% of life time of lumen maintain rate.
DOE indicate proper LED test progress can be made according to relevant test method of (illuminating engineering societ of north America) after checking existing lumen output ,input, related color and temperature and rated life time, the best method and technology development and so on standard. Lumen output,input energy source and related color and temperature , lumen attenuation measuring method of IES LM-80-2008“LED and long-term lumen maintain rate calculating method of TM-21-2011“LED lighting source are made and rated life time is judged  according to electric and luminosity test method of IES  LM-79-2008, but it require revising .
DOE held the public meeting on May 3 according to proposal, but still receive the comment, data and information from public by June 25,2012.
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