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European Commission promote old battery recovery

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        Recovery and prevention of house refuse has been one important target of European policy since 2000. New rule which affect electric and electronic industry has come on recently in order to solve the environmental influence of EEE dangerous refuse.Europe Parliament agreed to issue directive 2 of cancelling WEEE refuse in June 8,2012, which set that recovery rate of WEEE is 65%-85%。With that Europe Union issue European commission rule  No. 493/20123 on the EU official bulletin on June 12,2012.it set the detailed definition ,computing method and recovery report model of battery recovery according to battery directive 2006/66/EC4.EU member state should carry out the rule and EEA also should do it according to the nature of European Commission rules.

    Directive 2006/66/EC is set frame requirement of old battery and storage battery recovery and process.new rule (EU) No. 493/2012 is described target and process of recovery strictly and showed how to find out the method of battery high recovery .

Unused and old lead battery,nickel-cadmium and other battery and storage battery should be recovered. Recovery is defined as re-process on unused and old battery and storage battery but not include sorting and preparation .when output part is used as initial use (or other use of non-energy recovery),and no need to process further or produce scrape material at the same time ,recovery process end.

Directive 2006/66/EC set that the recovery rate of  nickel-cadmium battery and storage battery should be 75% of original weight, the recovery rate of other unused and old battery and storage battery should be 50% of original weight.the appendix I of rule (EU)No. 493/2012 show the computing method of recovery rate of unused and old battery ,appendix II and III show the computing method of lead and cadmium recovery rate.appendix IV、V and VI set report model which recover should use to report to authority of member state.recover should submit the first report before April 30,2015.

European commission (EU) No.493/2012 was published on the EU official bulletin and will be proper for recovery process from January 1,2014.
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