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Europe committee advise to revise

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 Europe committee publish bill in the end of March,2012 and advise to revise in 2006 and abolish exemption article about  Cd battery used in wireless electronic tool.
shows that battery and storage battery including Hg and Cd are forbidden to saled in the european market.portable battery and storage battery of which Cd content is more than 0.002% is all in the banned list ,including similar product installed in the electric equipment.
But directive include many exemption articles,one of them is suitable for portable battery and storage battery used for wireless electronic tool.it requires that Europe committee check the exemption article at regular intervals in order to revise directive according to newest technology and science evidence.
Europe committee had a wide consultant from 2010 to 2011, in the nearest impact assessment they express that it is the best policy way of cancelling the exemption article above in the 2016 in consideration of environment benefit and economic cost.
              Europe  committee declare that succedaneum without Cd appear in the market, such as Nickel metal hydrogen battery and lithium ion battery,so it is time to cancel exemption article in stages.
Impact assessment shows that the cost will be up 0.80 Euro and 2.1 Euro if cancelling the article at once and using wireless electronic tool instead of battery during 2013-2025,it depends on Nickel metal hydrogen battery and lithium ion battery.europe committee estimate that the price of wireless electronic tool only rise 0.4-0.9 Euro.
So europe advise to revise relevant articles of for exempting Cd content of portable battery and storage battery used in wireless electronic tool, which is valid until January 1,2016.if the advice is adopted, Cd content of portable battery and storage battery must be less than 0.002% of weight, which is accordance with basic upper limit set in .
Other exemption will be continually used,such as portable battery and storage battery used in urgency and alarm system and medical equipment.
please refer to the following website for bill of europe committee:
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