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Brazil approve new technology requirement of car battery

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 Brazil INMETRO recently issue a resolution of INMETRO 239/2012,which set up new technology standard for lead-acid battery and storage battery used in car and motorcycle.

     The standard require that the battery should be clean, dry and no damage, no obvious electrolyte.it must be attached relevant Portugal mark or label,including manufacture or importer name, address and tax number;address and certificate of original country and imported battery manufacture;brand;date in produced;rated voltage;rated capacity under 25 centigrade,reserve capacity per minute under 25 centigrade; cold-starting current;classification of battery technology;service information of consumer,information about properly processing after using,reminding about health and environment risk,qualification,technology standard and net weight.

      Please pay attention to that the battery will be defined for disqualification by Brazil authority if actual weight of battery is more or less than 5% of weight showed on the label.besides, Hg content of battery must be less than 0.005%,Cd content must be less than 0.010%,and accord with other requirement at the same time.

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